Annex XII Transparency information referred to in Article 53(1), point (b) – technical documentation for providers of general-purpose AI models to downstream providers that integrate the model into their AI system

The information referred to in Article 53(1), point (b) shall contain at least the following:

  1. A general description of the general-purpose AI model including:
    1. the tasks that the model is intended to perform and the type and nature of AI systems into which it can be integrated;
    2. the acceptable use policies applicable;
    3. the date of release and methods of distribution;
    4. how the model interacts, or can be used to interact, with hardware or software that is not part of the model itself, where applicable;
    5. the versions of relevant software related to the use of the general-purpose AI model, where applicable;
    6. the architecture and number of parameters;
    7. the modality (e.g., text, image) and format of inputs and outputs;
    8. the licence for the model.
  2. A description of the elements of the model and of the process for its development, including:
    1. the technical means (e.g., instructions for use, infrastructure, tools) required for the general-purpose AI model to be integrated into AI systems;
    2. the modality (e.g., text, image, etc.) and format of the inputs and outputs and their maximum size (e.g., context window length, etc.);
    3. information on the data used for training, testing and validation, where applicable, including the type and provenance of data and curation methodologies.