Annex II List of criminal offences referred to in Article 5(1), first subparagraph, point (h)(iii)

Criminal offences referred to in Article 5(1), first subparagraph, point (h)(iii):

  • terrorism,
  • trafficking in human beings,
  • sexual exploitation of children, and child pornography,
  • illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances,
  • illicit trafficking in weapons, munitions or explosives,
  • murder, grievous bodily injury,
  • illicit trade in human organs or tissue,
  • illicit trafficking in nuclear or radioactive materials,
  • kidnapping, illegal restraint or hostage-taking,
  • crimes within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court,
  • unlawful seizure of aircraft or ships,
  • rape,
  • environmental crime,
  • organised or armed robbery,
  • sabotage,
  • participation in a criminal organisation involved in one or more of the offences listed above.