Art. 91 AI Act Power to request documentation and information

  1. The Commission may request the provider of the general-purpose AI model concerned to provide the documentation drawn up by the provider in accordance with Articles 53 and 55, or any additional information that is necessary for the purpose of assessing compliance of the provider with this Regulation.
  2. Before sending the request for information, the AI Office may initiate a structured dialogue with the provider of the general-purpose AI model.
  3. Upon a duly substantiated request from the scientific panel, the Commission may issue a request for information to a provider of a general-purpose AI model, where the access to information is necessary and proportionate for the fulfilment of the tasks of the scientific panel under Article 68(2).
  4. The request for information shall state the legal basis and the purpose of the request, specify what information is required, set a period within which the information is to be provided, and indicate the fines provided for in Article 101 for supplying incorrect, incomplete or misleading information.
  5. The provider of the general-purpose AI model concerned, or its representative shall supply the information requested. In the case of legal persons, companies or firms, or where the provider has no legal personality, the persons authorised to represent them by law or by their statutes, shall supply the information requested on behalf of the provider of the general-purpose AI model concerned. Lawyers duly authorised to act may supply information on behalf of their clients. The clients shall nevertheless remain fully responsible if the information supplied is incomplete, incorrect or misleading.