Art. 93 AI Act Power to request measures

  1. Where necessary and appropriate, the Commission may request providers to:
    1. take appropriate measures to comply with the obligations set out in Articles 53 and 54;
    2. implement mitigation measures, where the evaluation carried out in accordance with Article 92 has given rise to serious and substantiated concern of a systemic risk at Union level;
    3. restrict the making available on the market, withdraw or recall the model.
  2. Before a measure is requested, the AI Office may initiate a structured dialogue with the provider of the general-purpose AI model.
  3. If, during the structured dialogue referred to in paragraph 2, the provider of the general-purpose AI model with systemic risk offers commitments to implement mitigation measures to address a systemic risk at Union level, the Commission may, by decision, make those commitments binding and declare that there are no further grounds for action.